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Vendor Application

Vendor Information: Saturday

Name: _______________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City: ____________________ State: _____________ Zip______________
Phone: _______________ Cell Phone: _____________________________
Business Name: _______________________________________________
Email Address :________________________________________________
Number of Spaces needed: ______________________________________
Type of Products:______________________________________________

All applicants must include photos of merchandise and booth setup with submission. You can email photos along with application to email address :

Downtown Mesa Vintage Market Antiques & More is a new market sponsored by Downtown Mesa  Festival of the Arts and the Michelle's Antiques LLC. We are  looking for Vendors interested in participating our Winter Market. Anything, antique, vintage, collectibles, funky, or repurposed handmade items for homes and garden.
Also furniture, vintage clothing, architectural salvage, industrial goods, books, collectibles, and oddities are welcome.

The Downtown Mesa Vintage Market will be located on North Macdonald St., between Main St. and Pepper Pl., with this one block section closed to vehicle traffic.

Space information: All booths are 10’x 10’, rental is $45.00 per booth. If vendor chooses to rent an additional booth it will be $30.00. Vendors must provide all display materials. No part of the display can be attached, nailed, or screwed to any surface on the street. Rental for the booth(s) must be paid at time of application acceptance.

Space display: Booth(s) display and merchandise presentation is of the highest priority and is very important to the integrity and continuity of the market. Careful thought to staging your booth is a must. Merchandise must be displayed in a shop style and not simply scattered on tables. Merchandise we want,  antique or vintage goods (furniture, primitives, architectural salvage, lighting, pottery, vintage jewelry, etc.) Hand crafted repurposed jewelry and home decor is welcome.

Experience is not necessary. If you have not taken part in a sale or show before, we would still love to have you, but we will require photos of a booth setup representing your style and the items you would like to sell. Vendor applications will not be considered if photos or links to online photos are not included with the application at time of submission.

All vendors are required by the city of Mesa to have a City of Mesa Sales Tax License in order to participate in Downtown Mesa Vintage Market. Obtaining the appropriate licenses, is simple and is up to individuals to ensure their own compliance. 
Transaction Privilege Tax information is available at:

Set-up and Take-down:  Due to space restrictions, one-way vehicle movement, in and out of the exhibit area, will be enforced for safety.  During event set-up starting at 7:00 am, occupation of spaces will be sequential, in order of -vendor arrival on site, beginning at the Main St. entrance, and progressing northward.  All registered -vendors must be unloaded by 9:30am as no vehicles will be allowed to enter the exhibit area at Main St. after 9:30 am.  At 4:00 pm, -vendors shall disassemble and pack their products and equipment in place.  Once their items are ready to load out, they may retrieve their vehicle and re-enter the exhibit area from the Main St. entrance.

Parking:  Vehicle parking for participating vendors is provided in the parking structure on the north side of Pepper, just east of the AZ Museum of Natural History; and, at the southeast corner of N. MacDonald and Pepper for those that need handicap parking or vehicles that will not fit in the parking structure.

Exhibit/Display Equipment:  All equipment needed for exhibit must be furnished by the artist.  This includes canopy weights, which are strongly recommended for safety to you, other vendors, and the public.  If electric power is needed, some 15-amp ac-power outlets, provided by the city, are located on the raised curb areas near the exhibit spaces, but vendors must provide their own extension cords.  Packing materials and clutter must not be visible in the exhibit space from visitor/pedestrian viewpoint.  Vendors are reminded to ensure personnel safety by preventing hazards, such as protrusions of sharp objects in and around the exhibit space, broken glass, spilled liquids, etc


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