Sunday, April 30, 2017

Where Do You Find All Your Antiques ?

Every day, at least one customer will ask, " where do you get all your antiques ? "

Most items are brought in or I get called to visit someones collection at their home. But every once in a while, I like to go hunting for treasure at the local Antique Malls In Mesa area.

Of course the Antique Plaza Antique Mall right next door to me is fun hunting ground, but some days I want to venture out  and stretch my legs.

Found this French Bust in the Antique Plaza Antique Mall...

Call It New Call It Antique is a close mall to my shop, so it is a favorite haunt. I recommend this place to all my customers looking for hidden treasures.

 Lamps found at the Main Street Antique Mall

 Main Street Antique Mall located far East Valley another fabulous place for finds. Sometimes the trip is a bust, but the fun is in the hunt.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Blue Ridge Pottery dishes made in the Appalachian mountains are very popular with collectors. 

Southern Potteries started out as Clinchfield China  and Clinchfield Ware in 1917 and progressing to hand painting in 1937,  if you're lucky, you can still find transition pieces with decals and touches of hand painting as a rim treatment or swipes on the handle.  Some of the very early hand painting efforts are primitive, similar to an elementary student's efforts at art. However, as the artists' expertise increased there are some of the most beautiful examples of designs and patterns that any artist could produce.  Even looking at the same pattern done by a different artist or even the same artist shows a significant difference in stroke technique; some delicate and defined, some heavy and bold.  Artists were instructed not to intentionally make differences in the patterns for production items, although they could make personal items during their lunch breaks.  These personal items are difficult to find and are usually costly.

 Michelle's Antiques has a nice collection of Blue Ridge Southern Pottery hand painted china ..