Saturday, November 26, 2016

City of Mesa The Grinch That Stole Christmas

As a small business owner in  downtown Mesa AZ, I anxiously awaited the Christmas Holiday Season. I had made it through the long hot Arizona summer,  September brought back some early winter visitors and other tourists, Octobers cool weather was looming. Kids were back in school, Mom's were free to meet up and do a little retail therapy life was good.

I had been looking forward to Christmas Holidays since I rented this space, I had a vision of  what I would do for holiday decorations.I planned to place my Antique Night Before Christmas Victorian Doll House in the Window for all to enjoy. I purchased 2 large banners, to post on top or our shop, giving traffic from Main Street a nice view of the sign. I placed ads in the Antique Registry, and couldn't wait for the approaching Holiday Season!

All  my plans were dashed in a matter of seconds, when a man approached me one afternoon as I was speaking with a customer. He introduced himself as being from the City of Mesa, and he came to let me know that the 40 ft Christmas tree that usually sat on the Corner of S. Macdonald and Main in front of the Bank of America was this year going to be set in the center of N. Macdonald and that the road would be completely closed off to any traffic.  WHAT ? I began to protest in vain, as politely as I could. The Grinch from the City of Mesa, said he would help me with signage, advertising and more. Signs I said, I have plenty of signs, what good are signs if customers cannot access my shop!!

  Black Friday I  arrived at the shop, to find the situation worse than I thought it would be,  there was absolutely no access to our store and we were hidden behind barricades,  plywood panels, the  40ft Tree, and ugly signs ROAD CLOSED surround the streets. I called my husband  in tears , it was Black Friday which should have been our busiest day of November. There was absolutely no access to our shop, we were blocked from view, we had one sale all day customers were scarce only a few brave people that managed to access us.

It’s a real labyrinth to get to our shop. I mean it’s really annoying; there’s no place to park nearby, they put barricades with ugly flags and " ROAD CLOSED " in front of our street. I depend upon drive by traffic and convenient parking for new and regular customers.We are completely hidden.

Not one person I have spoken with at the City in regard to this has been sympathetic,  The City is  basically dooming my businesses when they took away access to my shop around the corner during the entire Christmas Shopping Season November 21 thru January 5th . Mayor Giles and the City of Mesa Arizona are "the Grinch" that stole my Christmas.

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