Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to Attract Customers and Increase Your Store Foot Traffic

This past week I went on the rounds visiting Antique Malls near by  and checking out their print ad campaigns in the Antique Register ..  

 Here are Some tips for the Antique Malls that seemed to be lagging in cars in the parking lot and lack of  customers inside.

1. If you have a front window Decorate and light up your window with eye catching displays.
2.  Use flags or bright balloons to draw attention  to your store.
3.  In print advertising be sure to paint a picture with words. Describe your store using key words to grab the attention of the public, ask yourself what is your message. ANTIQUE MALL is the most important word of the ad b. Square Footage bigger is better when it comes to Antique Shopping c. Type of Merchandise .. attention grabbing words to push traffic to your Antique Mall  VINTAGE ~ MID CENTURY ~ ANTIQUES ~ ECLECTIC ~  etc. Folks like a variety when they are hunting for collectibles.. Dont focus on one thing, Antique Malls represent a wide variety of dealers if your only focusing on Mid Century Photos in your ad campaign you may be losing more with than you gain. Photos are nice but words are better.  

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