Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Antique Malls vs Ebay


Sadly, many antique malls are not what they once were. And Ebay has become their major competitor for customers. The internet sales are  invading on the Brick and Mortar shops ..

In addition, decorating styles have changed, and many younger people seem to prefer cheaply made imported goods that are mass-produced and mass-marketed, rather than the very individual, well-made and perfectly functional older items which have distinct character and history. Throw in the fans and promoters of the minimalists  look  and those who try to sell antiques in such a market may find it hard going.Of course we have what is called retro,  the 1950s look, once considered quite tacky but now has become very popular with Millenials.

For Selling in the Mall, There  will always be those who collect high end antiques or who specialize in one style or one category, but that's not going to be your typical antique mall customer.

 Mall owner can be great, knowledgeable and honest people who are supportive of their dealers and who do all they can to promote the business enlisting social media and print advertising.

Make very sure you know as much as possible about your mall owner/ manager before you sign a contract to rent a booth.  Advertising locally or in antique publications that are widely distributed within the area or online, and a good familiarity with other area antique shops.

Customers like the mall that is reasonably clean, well-lit, warm or cool in season and passageways clear.

I long for the days when Antique Malls were filled with Antiques and Collectibles, the thrill of the hunt would always bring home some treasure. These days I stroll the local malls and usually come home empty handed.. Internet dealers have eroded the field. For now I will  continue to haunt the malls.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Michelle's Antiques Your Estate Liquidator

Parting with possessions is difficult regardless of the circumstances.  You may be down-sizing, moving, or coping with a death or divorce.

Major life changes are stressful and YOUR ESTATE LIQUIDATOR realizes that.   We will put you at ease from start to finish and we'll be there for you from beginning to end

We have  40 years experience in appraising and liquidating a variety of estates, antiques, furniture, art and household contents.  Currently working with attorneys, banks, estate planners, insurance companies and private individuals.


YOUR ESTATE LIQUIDATOR Is a member of the American Society Of Estate Liquidators and VSADA.  The American Society of Estate Liquidators®  ASEL is a nationally recognized and respected professional organization for Estate Liquidators

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Guilt Free No Bake Pumpkin Pie

I make this no bake guilt free pumpkin recipe every year and it is so yummy no one will guess it is sugar free. 

Recipe :
12 oz canned pumpkin
3/4 cup(s) low-fat milk
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 package(s) fat free sugar free instant vanilla pudding and pie filling mix
Mix milk and pumpkin puree together add pumpkin spice and dry pudding mix stir till thickens I prefer crust less pie, or you can pour into a pre made graham cracker crust, Chill Pie, serve topped with a dolup of real whipped cream.. i

Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to Attract Customers and Increase Your Store Foot Traffic

This past week I went on the rounds visiting Antique Malls near by  and checking out their print ad campaigns in the Antique Register ..  

 Here are Some tips for the Antique Malls that seemed to be lagging in cars in the parking lot and lack of  customers inside.

1. If you have a front window Decorate and light up your window with eye catching displays.
2.  Use flags or bright balloons to draw attention  to your store.
3.  In print advertising be sure to paint a picture with words. Describe your store using key words to grab the attention of the public, ask yourself what is your message. ANTIQUE MALL is the most important word of the ad b. Square Footage bigger is better when it comes to Antique Shopping c. Type of Merchandise .. attention grabbing words to push traffic to your Antique Mall  VINTAGE ~ MID CENTURY ~ ANTIQUES ~ ECLECTIC ~  etc. Folks like a variety when they are hunting for collectibles.. Dont focus on one thing, Antique Malls represent a wide variety of dealers if your only focusing on Mid Century Photos in your ad campaign you may be losing more with than you gain. Photos are nice but words are better.  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Are Antique Shops Becoming A Thing Of The PAST ?

 Antique Shops literally are becoming a thing of the PAST.

 Change is evident in The Antique Business as prices fall,  dealers drop out and an onslaught of cheap imitations flood the  market. Much of the antiques busness has moved to eBay and other internet sites. People don't browse shops like they used to, foot traffic has slowed down and what was once hot is not.

Today, fewer young people seem to care about antiques, preferring to buy new or reproduction decorator items. They don't want to decorate with Antiques. And Baby Boomers   seem  to collect novelties from their childhood years, rather  than to invest in pricey Victorian furniture built 100 years or more ago.  

These changes have changed as well as  devastated the industry.  Young people don't want clutter, collectibles such as wagon wheels and milk cans rarely sell anymore, and nobody wants antique dinner glassware. Fine china dinnerware sits and collects dust on shelves while hot wheels and vintage toys get snapped up. Mid Century items from 1950s - 1970s items like typewriters, lamps are all the rage with the younger crowd minimalist decorating ..
 Mid Century Industrial whats hot today.

Prices have plummeted, the lower prices  result from a simple principle of supply and demand because the internet has flooded the market.

Do we really need brick and mortar shop where you can wait for weeks, and months to sell an item when you can list it on the net and get world wide exposure.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Decorations to Dress Your Home for Autumn