Thursday, September 24, 2015


Well we had a great sale, thank you  to everyone that attended and help make it  a success ! I cannot believe all the items that were sold. But there are still a few pieces of furniture I would like to sell, if they don’t no worries I have room in my shop to the east.
Leaving behind the scowling faces and negativity, looking forward to my new venture.. This move will free me up so that I will have more time to do my  internet sales.. Hoping to be out 100 % October 1.. I have loads of new items to bring into the shop photos will be coming soon..   Update.. just sold a lovely Danish Modern Cabinet.. Bubye to a large vintage showcase, and the dental case is SOLD.. Exceptional sale and yet there is still so much more .. 

Before Shot and After Below.
This sweet lighted curio cabinet is still available only $95.00 !

Friday, September 18, 2015


No one likes to move.. but the time has come for me to make some business choices.. I am consolidating my shops, after over 10 years I will be closing my shop located at 120 W Main Street.. I will no longer have a presence in the Annex .. The times they are a changing, and I am taking my business in a new direction.  I will be holding a 50% and more sale this weekend selling Cabinets, Displays, Loads of Antique and Vintage Decorator Items.. Paintings, and Antique Prints Galore.. 
Stop in and let's make a deal! 
 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19TH 8AM look for the red awning entrance .. 
parking behind the shop.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Touch Of Brass

Using Brass in home decor, in the Art Deco Period brass brightened  the the home during a drab time in our History. 40 years later in the 1970s Brass was in Vogue again. 
 I love vintage brass. Vintage brass animals add a touch of whimsy to your home decor, even functional brass items candle holders and boxes can add a bit of texture to your bookshelf. I like a bit of greenery to  enhance the richness of the metal..
Now 40 years later vintage 70s Brass is back some choose to clean their brass, I prefer to leave the patina in place.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The flowering of the brilliant colors and designs of art glass during the late 1800s stand as a high mark in the history of art glass. France led in producing beautifully patterned cameo glass; Thomas Webb & Co. of England made both cameo and other high quality products; but it was in America that new styles and shades of art glass dominated the field.
The Great Exhibition of 1851 in London provided the impetus fro many new innovations in the decorative arts. Victorian ideas of ‘good taste’ were changing, and manufacturers were rushing to satisfy these new desires. In the forefront of the American glass companies were the New England Glass Works, Mount Washington Glass Co., and Hobbs, Brockunier & Co (Wheeling). Libbey and Dorflinger also became known for brilliant cut glass.


Peachblow, made to resemble the colors of Chinese Peachbloom porcelain, was produced by several glass houses in the 1880s, each with slight variation. Wild Rose is the name that New England Glass gave to its peachblow, which turns shades from pink to cool white. Mt. Washington glass turns from peach to ivory. Wheeling produced cased peachblow, transparent glass with an opaque white lining.
Amberina, another coveted color, is amber glass that has been reheated to develop a red color on only one part of the glass. American examples seldom have decoration; floral designs are found mainly on Bohemian and English copies.

Other designs imitated delicate porcelain. Mt. Washington’s Crown Milano is an opal glass, free blown of pattern molded glass, tinted a delicate color and decorated with enameling and gilt. .
The craze for Victorian art glass lasted into the 20th century, when it was outstripped by the Art Nouveau creations of Tiffany and Frederic Carder of Steuben. Barbara Williams Sackett

I have always had a passion for Victorian Art Glass. My collection can be seen at the Antique Plaza Antique Mall 114 West Main Street Dealer 117 on the East Wall you will find my case filled with a portion of my collection for sale. These examples in the post are similar to what you will find a the Plaza.