Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Decorating Style MCM vs Traditional

Is Mid Century Decorating becoming out dated?  Growing up my Mom's decorating style was always traditional she never went with fads .. When Mom got married in 1947 she chose cream colored wing chairs and a traditional sofa with down filled pillows  a classic timeless style.. Mom disliked the blonde straight line furniture many of her post war girl friends gravitated too.. Mom liked the cluttered cozy look while so many of her friends went with the latest trends and fads..

I on the other hand can appreciate the MCM look, but like Mom I choose the cozy look over the clean straight line look of many Mid Century Interiors.

Some think MCM is boring and sterile, seriously if I have a book out of place you would never know it but in a MCM home it would stand out like a sore thumb.

My style unlike Mom's is more eclectic,  I have a touch of mid century sprinkled in my home, I think mid century can be added to any home decor, the clean lines lend them to meld with any design..  An all mid century kitchen is not for me, but if its your choice embrace it. I don' think we should let trends and fads decide our decorating go with what makes you happy

Incorporating modern accessories in with the traditional adds depth, some traditional  pieces can even take on the look of more an entire new look if accessorized with the off beat, mid century finds.

 photos courtesy pinterest.com

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